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CHERRY UVC Air Purifier (AP-02)

CHERRY UVC Air Purifier (AP-02)

 This powerful purifier removes almost 99.9% of airborne allergens and bacteria!

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CADR Badge: 140 m³/hr High Clean Air Delivery Rate
Emits 80 Million Negative Ions
6-Stage Air Purification:

1. Pre- Filter - large dust and human hair 
2. HEPA - Allergens, pollens, dust mites, tobacco, smoke and pet dander 
3. Honey Comb Filter (Carbon) - Benzene, toulene, formaldehyde, ammonia and common odors 
4. Photocatalyst - TVOCs, chemical and harmful gas 
5. UVC - Airborne pollutants 
6. Negative Ion - airborne pollutants
99.98% PM 2.5 Purification Rate
UVC Light Disinfection
Up to 50sqm Purification Coverage
2-Way Control (Manual & Remote)

AC input: 220V/60Hz
Power: 45W
CADR*: 140m3/h
Air Volume: 200m3/h
Product Size: 320mm x 200mm x 520mm
*CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate
Weight: 4.5 kgs

1. Orders will be processed and dispatched within 1-3 working days upon confirmation of payment. Ordered items will be shipped via LBC, our shipping courier. 

2. CHERRY online store may not be able to fulfill orders to some areas which have restricted access or considered as out-of-deliver zone (ODZ). 

3.  Special delivery may be arranged on areas that are considered as out-of-delivery zone, however, additional charges may apply.

4.  Shipping rates are calculated based on volumetric weight and shipping location.

5.  Expected delivery of orders shipped via LBC are as follows:


Metro Manila: 3-5 working days 

Luzon: 5-7 working days 

Visayas: 5-7 working days 

Mindanao: 5-7 working days 

Out-of-Delivery Zone: additional 5-7 working days 

Peak Season (Oct- Jan): additional 1-2 working days 

Learn more about CHERRY Shipping Policy here

A unit shall be considered IN Warranty only if all of the following conditions are met: (i) it falls within the warranty period; (ii) a copy of Proof of Purchase is presented; and (iii) has no signs of mishandling/incorrect usage/tampering. Therefore, the repair of the unit shall be free of charge for parts and labor.

A unit shall be considered VOID Warranty if it is within the warranty period but with signs of mishandling/incorrect usage/tampering (e.g. broken parts, water damage, unauthorized alteration and modification, and unauthorized opening/repair). Therefore, charges for parts and labor will be applied.

A unit shall be considered OUT Warranty once it is no longer covered within the warranty period and/or no Proof of Purchase is presented. Therefore, charges for parts and labor will be applied.

The foregoing warranty claims shall apply to the six (6) months warranty period of the unit’s accessories.


Learn more about CHERRY Warranty Guidelines here


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