Cherry Ice Cream Maker Deluxe

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Main Features:

- Healthy ice cream maker
- High quality plastic outer housing and design
- Anti-skid base rubber
- 1200ml capacity
- Aluminum cooling bowl
- Easy-to-use

Product Specifications:

Rated Power: 12W
Product Material: ABS/ Transparent AS
Product Dimension: 185 dia x 205mm (LWH)
Product Net Weight: 2kg
Product Gross Weight: 2.2kg (weight with mail box)
Box Dimension (Inner box)/mailbox): 210 x 210 x 265mm (LWH)
Rated Voltage: 220V/ 60Hz
Cooling Bowl Material: PP/Aluminum
Cooling Bowl Dimensions: 176.2 dia x 97mm (LWH)
Product Capacity: 1,200ml
Pre-cooling Time for Bowl: 8-12 hours
Ready Time for Ice Cream: 30 minutes
Motor Speed: 3,000 r /min
Power Cord Length (Including Plug): 1.2M