Cherry Car Ionizer with Air Purifier

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Main Features:
Emits 20 Million Negative Ions (Healthy Anions)
4- stage Filtration System
360° Purification Coverage
Portable & Compact
Multi-layered Purification with HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon Material efficiently absorbs any harmful gases
Powerful Turbine for more air circulation
Perfectly fits any cup holder
Multiple Fan Speed

Removes 99.97% of dust, germs, pollens and bacteria
Improves Air Quality
Lessens exposure to viruses, dust, mold and smoke
Strengthens Immune System to avoid cough, asthma and flu
Lowers Stress Level


Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 69.4mm x 174mm
Voltage: DC5V
Maximum Power: ≤ 3W
Applicable Space: ≤3m³
Maximum Air Volume: 15CFM
Maximum Noise: ≤52dB