Terms of Service

I. Warranty Conditions

CHERRY provides 18 months warranty period from the date of purchase for Phones, Tablets, Action Cam, CHERRY Fit, CHERRY Fi and CHERRY Watch. A one (1) year warranty period will apply from the date of purchase for CHERRY Ions/Ionizer, CHERRY Purifiers, CHERRY Home X Deerma, CHERRY Home IOT and CHERRY Pet . In addition, there will be a six (6) month warranty period for the Battery, Charger, Charger Head, USB Cable, Headset, Power bank, Speaker, and other peripheral accessories of the purchased CHERRY product which shall also commence from the product’s purchase date.

CHERRY hereby gives the full authority to CHERRY as its duly authorized and accredited service center to repair all its products and accessories. CHERRY will not be held responsible for any data loss. Client is advised to back-up their data prior to endorsing the unit for repair.

A Php150.00 fee will be charged by CHERRY to the Client for any cancellation of repaired OUT/VOID warranty units.

For repaired units with OUT/VOID warranty, a 3-month warranty will be given for the parts repaired/replaced to be counted from the date the repaired unit is turned over to the client. In case the parts repaired/replaced have signs of physical damage/mishandling/tampering, the three (3) month warranty will automatically be voided and the corresponding charges for parts and labor will be applied.

II. Warranty Limitations

The warranty does not cover units and accessories with any signs of mishandling or incorrect usage, such as but not limited to: (a) Broken parts, (b)Water damage, (c) Unauthorized alteration and modification, (d) Tampered units and (e) Unauthorized opening/repair. Cosmetics such as Front Cover, Back Cover, Battery Cover, Keypad, Antenna, and all outside knobs or buttons are NOT covered by the warranty.


III.  Warranty Claims

A unit shall be considered IN Warranty only if all of the following conditions are met: (i) it falls within the warranty period; (ii) a copy of Proof of Purchase is presented; and (iii) has no signs of mishandling/incorrect usage/tampering. Therefore, the repair of the unit shall be free of charge for parts and labor.

A unit shall be considered VOID Warranty if it is within the warranty period but with signs of mishandling/incorrect usage/tampering (e.g. broken parts, water damage, unauthorized alteration and modification, and unauthorized opening/repair). Therefore, charges for parts and labor will be applied.

A unit shall be considered OUT Warranty once it is no longer covered within the warranty period and/or no Proof of Purchase is presented. Therefore, charges for parts and labor will be applied.

The foregoing warranty claims shall apply to the six (6) month warranty period of the unit’s accessories.


 IV. Claiming of Units

For claiming of repaired or cancelled units, an Acknowledgement Form and a valid Government I.D must be presented. For Lost Acknowledgement Form, a notarized Affidavit of Loss is required along with a valid Government I.D.

If a representative will claim the unit, an Authorization Letter with a valid Government I.D. of both the Client and the representative must be presented.