Cherry Wellness Hand Massager

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Main Features:

- Airbag wrapping
- 3 Dimensional wave press
- Acupoints inside
- Thousand convex points inside the Airbag
- Squeeze and push-pinch

Product Specifications:

Charging data cable: 1 meter long, TOP-C interface, applicable voltage and current:DC 5V,1000mA
Battery: 18650
Number of times of charging: Can be used 2H after each charge
Charging time: Time required for charging 2-3H
Run time: 15 minutes of continuous massage
Run mode: 6modes: Big hand mode1-2-3、Small hand model 1-2-3
Air pump: DC5V,3800rev/min,The noise is less than 35 decibels
Air bag: Maximum air pressure 130Pa, Check the air pressure 85-100Pa
Bare Metal Noise: No abnormal sound, the noise is less than 45 decibels
Cable bundle fixed: Do not touch moving parts, high temperature parts
Product heating function: Heating maximum temperature 45℃±5
Aging testing: Aging time inside the factory≥20munites
Test standard: GB4706.1-2005
Finished insulation class: E
Finished product protection level: IP00
Use ambient temperature (℃) -5℃--45℃
Life(H) : Above 600H